8 Reasons to Consider 9Apps

8 Reasons to Consider 9Apps

For installing a no. of applications like wallpapers, photo editing apps, ringtones, social media apps requires a platform on which all these apps are available. 9Apps is one of the amazing platforms with the help of which one can easily install a no. of apps and is quite easy to use. Without facing any difficulties one can find thousands of games and apps available for your device on 9apps. It is one of the greatest substitutes of Google Play Store. Being an Android market in itself, 9apps is not available on the Play Store. To download 9apps, one has to type 9apps Apk on their web browser and the page will lead to the official website of 9apps, from where you can easily download the app. The app size is just 3.7 MB and it requires Android v4.0 or higher. The latest version of this app is There is no restriction on the no. of downloads from this app.

Reason why to opt for 9apps over the other available substitutes:

  1. Reliability: Other than any other android market, 9apps is one of the most reliable and trustworthy app. All the apps available on this platform are 100% genuine and have passed various security checks to eliminate the risk of viruses, hacking and malware.
  2. Categories and Recommendations: All the apps are categorised on their nature. Like all the games are categorised in to games section, education related apps are categorised into the other, etc. The app also provides the recommendations on the basis of the user’s preferences through its Artificial Intelligence.
  3. No Cost: All the applications on 9apps whether they are paid on the other platforms are available without any charge. All the premium apps are available for free which is one of its main benefits and the reason why people prefer 9apps over the others.
  4. Fast download speed: With the help of its advanced and modern technology the apps can be installed in no time. The server through which it downloads apps is privately owned by Alibaba group.
  5. No Sign In Required: All the other android market apps require you to first Sign In into the app to use and download any app. But, 9apps does not require any Sign In. Just download the 9apps and start installing the apps.
  6. 100% safety: The app has established strict regulations to oppose and block harmful content, which makes users tension free about the low-speed problem because of viruses and makes it 100% safe and secure to use.
  7. Basic User Interface: The app is very easy to operate as the User Interface of the app is very much user friendly and is uncomplicated.
  8. Minimal space required: The storage space required by the app is merely 3.7 MB which saves a lot of space in the mobile phone.

9Apps allows the users to directly search and install the applications in a comprehensive manner. It provides description of all the apps and the user reviews to provide an idea of the respective apps to save on the time as well as the data of its users.

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