Don’t Use Airguns for Self-Defense

Don’t Use Airguns for Self-Defense

I regularly ask which aircraft are the safest for self-defence. They mostly come from countries other than the United States, but I do have some of them coming from this region.

The questions come from two places I want to answer today. The first category finds that certain airguns are so practical that they can discourage or prevent aggression merely because they are there. Let me be very descriptive. The handcrafts like the Walther CP99, the M1911A1 and the Beretta 92FS have a really realistic look.

These are very practical weapons, they’re not accurate. Nevertheless, the idea used by the people is flawed. They assume that any danger will be eliminated if they can show a practical weapon. We focus on the dangerous people who have the same sense of common sense. They’d feel threatened after all if they saw a gun. We admire guns, and others envision doing the same thing.

Well, they don’t! Well, they do not! Many offenders and bad people either have a weak sense of respect for stuff such as weapons, or they think you won’t have the nerve to confront the threat. In other words, actual guns do not harm these kinds of people either.

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The other thing about offenders is they’re not always safe or they’re not always right. Either they are offended and neglect what rationals believe is a threat because they can’t reason because they’re so high on drugs or liquor. People will be insane, though, and the suggestion that they can be challenged is either foolish because they don’t matter or dumb because it makes them feel bad.

Defensive gun training

We teach you to never attack with your gun in a secret weapon lesson. Be prepared to use it right away if you grab the gun. Currently, it is mostly unlawfully to publicly show a concealed weapon. Shoot, either not shoot, but never endanger yourself by a gun!

A realistic airgun is the only defense used to train the shooter in the firearmed that he imitates. You will learn how to draw the pistol, how to handle the gun and how to air with a practical airgun when you fire. No further taking it because a handgun is not a tool of self-defense.

And what about strong airguns such as big bores?

The other group which uses airguns to defend itself has examined the power that an airgun can provide. We see the large bore airguns and hear of people taking hogs and deer, and we wonder why they can’t cover them.

This is why a deer will never ambush you and expect the guard to attack you. Here’s the explanation. Deer can’t murder people — surely they can. But they don’t usually try. Shoot a deer and almost every time it runs away.

Then swap the deer with a grizzly bear and ask the same question. Should you kill a grizzly bear with a powerful air rifle? If you do, you are crazy, because if you don’t shoot it first a grizzly bear will try to kill you. Even a wild hoog is known to attack a hunter when he was killed, which is why a large side-arm is carried for most hog hunters.

And only a few shots are taken by a large bore airgun before the air pressure falls so low that the firearm is not effective. So you are quickly heading to a very hazardous territory if you do not have a perfect first shot.

Nothing is ever guaranteed

And not always are enough just guns. Do you think you’ve got enough weapons? Perhaps, but don’t bet. In some cases, any large-scale weapon failed to kill. An attacker picked up a 240-grain jacked bullet in his left eye from the Magnum revolver and dropped off on a phase run, got up and left the house. He was found dead around the corner by police with his motorcycle, but that is not the issue. The point is, the gun of even Dirty Harry did not suffice to drive him down.

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