Why Resort Weddings are a Good Idea

Why Resort Weddings are a Good Idea

These days a lot of people not only book a wedding venue but they try to book an entire resort for the wedding functions if they want the occasion to happen in the outskirts of the city. This is because; not everyone wants their wedding to happen in the hustle and bustle of a city. So, even if it is not a destination wedding, one can just book a nice resort just a few hours away from the city and do the function there.

In order to book resort in Gurgaon and that too for a wedding purpose one needs to check a few things. If they get all the necessary faculties available there, then they can go ahead with it.

  • First of all one needs to check the venues where the wedding functions and the actual wedding will happen. Do they have halls for the wedding functions? Are there lawns if one wants an open ceremony or an open eating arrangement? In fact, if one wants a cocktail party on the wedding eve then is there any poolside? There should be varieties of venue arrangements in the resort if one is booking it for a wedding purpose.
  • Wedding in a resort which is away from the city means all people who are involved in the wedding (especially the friends and the relatives) will be staying in the resort only for at least 3 to 4 days till all the functions are completed. So, the resort must have pepper room accommodations so that one can fit in their guests there easily.
  • Then comes the food and drinks. Wedding means there will be abundance of buffet and food items (from snacks to main dishes) along with drinks and desserts.  In most of the resorts, the internal team takes care of all the catering services (because in most cases outside food is not allowed). Not only for the functions but they also provide service for breakfast, lunch and dinner if one wishes to stay there.
  • There are many resorts who offer decorators as well. Looking for these kinds of resorts are beneficial because they take all the responsibilities in decorating the lawns and halls which will be used for the sangeet, engagement and the actual ceremony. 
  • Having a proper parking area in the resort is also very important. There would be many guests arriving on the wedding day just to attend the function. As they are located outside the city most people will need a car to reach there. If they do not get a proper place to park their cars then it can be a great hassle.

Any good resorts in Gurgaon offer every possible faculties that are needed for a wedding. When one books a resort they can just supervise the things (if they are happening the way they want it to happen) and all the things are done right. Thus resort weddings are always less hassle and one does not need to do anything else apart from enjoying the function.

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