Places To Hide Your Guns Where Nobody Will See Them

Places To Hide Your Guns Where Nobody Will See Them

One of the most powerful home defense weapons you can possess is a gun, without a doubt. A gun will equalize you with your invader and should always be your first choice for a defense weapons in your house.

In other words, the possession of a home defense weapon still has a lot to do. When keeping a gun at home, two things have to be done:

1. The weapon needs to be hidden and safe

2. The Gun Must Be Easily Accessible

Your home weapons must be kept hidden, because when you leave your house, children or friends are not able to find them, and also because you are unable to identify them should you have an intruder into your home when you are not here.

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The weapons must be protected at the same time, so that when life or death situations occur, you can quickly reach them.

You were in the right place, if you lost your thoughts on locations where your weapons can be easily hidden and accessible. Here are 11 places where no one will see your guns:

1. Food Box

Take a cum food box and put a gun in your armoire (such as a cereal box). This is a very creative space to conceal your gun from your kitchen. But it’s also easily accessible, yet you fear that a child or visitor may disappear through the cupboard and maybe by mistake.

2. Pottery

If you have some pieces of pottery that are sufficiently large to hold the gun, you can stuff one there very quickly. Once you place it in the pottery, make sure that you wrap the gun in a blanket, so that if anyone sees it out of curiosity.

3. Electrical Outlet

Or a fake electric plug, perhaps more accurately. You can buy fake electronical outlets in one of the most creative places online and hide your weapon. Whilst it is true that some scouts can search for secret objects in your house, chances are that they choose the specific outlet you have stored their weapon.

4. Beneath The Floors

Take a piece into your wooden floors. You can then put a pistol into it. Be strategic about where you cut it; it would probably be the best option under and right next to a table or couch. Talking about sofas …

5. Underneath Couch

Below most couches are cloth. Only slice off this tissue to put your arms under it. Unlike a chair, the sofa can be used as a storage device to hold long weapons such as rifles or handguns.

6. Your Closet

The closet, really? Isn’t this the place to store weapons most obvious to people? Sure, but how you conceal your weapons on a wardrobe can still be intuitive. You can, say, cover it over the top of the door inside the bathroom, where you can easily reach but also don’t see the majority of people.

7. Air Vents

This idea is very like the use of fake electric outlets: either you can use false air fans, or if you want, you can use real air vents. The best thing about concealing a gun in an atmosphere is that kids don’t think about searching for something, but the biggest negative is that seasoned burglars think about looking at it. But probably the average burglar won’t think about that.

8. Picture Frame

Like many’ books’ for disguising guns, pictorial frames are designed for the same purpose. You might think that is counterintuitive initially because photos are often a lure for burglars to grab, but you can compromise by picking a picture or a sculpture that is pretty ordinary or unusual to place in the frame and no one is able to burglarily take it.

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