How can I restore the Garmin Camera deleted files?

How can I restore the Garmin Camera deleted files?

Garmin is famous for improvises the user’s VIRB experience. A variety of VIRB models can be found on the market. Besides, the unicorn or voice command is provided for video capture. These lenses are rugged and can completely record spherical images. Day after day, many more people buy video cameras.

Human mistakes may cause file deletion from the camera accidentally. Sometimes technical defects cause files saved on the Garmin camera to be erased. No one wants to lose the photos and videos he recorded very carefully. Some of the data may also be useful to you. So you need a recovery process to get your Garmin camera back with unavailable files. You can learn how to update garmin maps for free. This post was designed to support all clients who do not want a way to hold deleted files. You can also turn to this post for help if you are one of them.

A feasible way to lose your camera files

  • Garmin camera’s records are stored continuously by the SD card whenever the camera is used. The data are lost if the SD card is wrongly corrupted or destroyed.
  • Data are not saved when low battery clips are captured, or the SD card runs out of storage space.
  • The memory cards have a limited lifetime, which ensures when the time is over, they are degraded.
  • When the camera records a video, you can also lose your files when you try to remove your SD card.
  • Likewise, the files could be lost because of the inadequate handling of the Garmin camera.
  • If the SD is physically impaired, data will not be accessible.
  • You could attach the SD card to a virus device. Thus you can’t access the saved files on your SD card anymore.
  • If your Garmin screen is disabled, you can access the saved images.
  • If you exceed the write or erase cycle limit for your SD card, bad blocks can be created. The files are therefore removed from the SD card immediately.

Garmin Camera Recovery Methods for Deleted Files

#1 Reinstall Driver

Users often get their files from their desktop by reinstalling the system driver. Then, you should check and see whether the problem is resolved or not.

1. Connect your Garmin camera’s SD card to a PC in the first phase.

2. Right-click on “This PC” on your computer and pick “Manage.”

3. Choose Device Manager and double-click’ Drives Disk.’

4. Right-click the’ Uninstall’ option in the down menu for your Garmin camera.

5. To verify uninstalling, press “OK” on the pop-up

6. Remove the SD card and restart the system to accept your changes.

7. Connect your PC to the SD card and make sure it is identifiable.

8. Now see if the files contained in your Garmin system can be accessed or not.

#2 Assign a letter of the drive

If the current drive letter is lost, this procedure can restore the files. This allows you to assign the following steps to a new drive letter.

1. To open the Run program, press the Windows logo button and’ R.’

2. In the Run application search field, type “computer management” and click’ OK.’

3. Navigate to the “Library” tab and pick “Disk Manager” from the Computer Management window.

4. Discover your Garmin camera’s SD card-associated push.

5. Right-click the drive and choose from the drop-down menu, the “Change Drive Letters & Paths.”

6. On the pop-up dialog box, press “Update.” Check the alternative “Send next drive text.”

7. Install the dropbox then pick the letter for the push.

8. To complete the Computer Management screen, press the’ OK’-button.

9. Connect your Garmin camera’s SD card to the PC and verify whether or not your files are visible.

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