Instagram has been trending as one of the most wonderful applications in the world for the past few years. Instagram is a free application, though it has been around for a few years the recent obsession with photography has made Instagram famous everywhere in a short time. It is very similar to Twitter and Facebook. If you sign up for Instagram you will get a profile and newsfeed.

Instagram has given a wide range of features and its benefits are uncountable. Now you can also earn money by using Instagram.

It may be defined as a simplified version of Facebook. It focuses on working on smartphones and visual content. You can interact with whomever you want. You can also send messages to people who do not even follow you.. Click here to know about Instagram Pva accounts


The world has taken over by influencers and brands. That is why

Instagram has come with a new paid partnership feature that could eliminate the risks of sponsored content scams.

 It was initially introduced for a small group of businesses and influencers, in September; it has expanded to more people on Instagram. If you have high-level engagements then you will be able to use this feature.

Businesses can tap into the treasure trove of potential customers by partnering with influencers to launch the sponsored campaigns and content.

When you do a partnership with influencers, you are more likely to expose your existence with more audience because people can hear about your service or product through their favourite influencers.

The paid partnership has enabled businesses to gather insights about how their sponsored campaigns or contents performed.

The paid partnership feature can also be shown in your stories at the very top, just below the username.

If your business is tagged by an influencer in a paid partnership post, you will be able to see the reach and engagements (comments or likes) of the specific post. You will have 14 days to view such statistics as reach.

 Instagram has also given the option of “Approval” in the paid partnership post. If you do not want to be tagged in a post, you can simply turn off the option to disapprove any sponsored campaign or content before a post is published.

The business has never been able to monitor the performance of their sponsored content or campaigns with such detailed metrics.

With the help of the new data, businesses are now able to make a better decision before planning their marketing campaigns with different influencers. Now they know who they should be doing a partnership with.


Sponsored content with Instagram influencers is really helpful in many problems that businesses, publishers, ad networks and brands face.

It is an effective approach to content marketing because it helps in aligning all advantages of influencers like social engagement, audience reach and positioning with the objective of brand marketing.

Businesses can also create a customized message that resonates with the followers and subscribers of influencers.

Sponsored content helps you to market to engaged followers on emerging channels. Also, it can avoid the problem of ad blocking altogether.


If you want to use the paid partnership future, then, first of all, stop thinking that the place is too crowded for you to make your image or to stand out among others. Now every brand knows the power of normal people when it comes to promoting their product. People who do not have a large number of followers or Micro-influencers are easier to work with rather big names.

If you want to get a paid partnership or get sponsored then keep on reading because I will tell you some of the fantastic ways to get a paid partnership on Instagram.

  • Smartly define your brand or work. Know about your audience.
  • Do not be inconsistent.
  • Do not forget to use Hashtags and Geotags.
  • Always tag brands in your posts.
  • Add contact information in your bio.
  • Try to pitch paid sponsorships.
  • Never forget your worth.


If you want to increase the engagement you must define the niche of your brand or work. It is so important to establish your brand if you want to get paid partnerships.

Branding will help you achieve the best overall aesthetic. You can use feed themes to solidify your brands, that way you will be able to create cohesive feed themes.

Always keep in mind that your post must be interesting and distinguishable so whenever a user is scrolling through her feed, she will be able to stop and recognize that the post is not from any other person but YOU.


If you want to be sponsored, first of all, you need to know about your audience because it is essential for convincing any brand to work with you. It is something that is mutually beneficial for you and your audience as well– First get started by gathering basic information like what is the age, gender and geographical location of your demographic? At what times do they respond best to your post, which niche they like most? After knowing their preferences you would be able to build up your work profile and get most of the audience on your page.

The demographic information will be useful in pitching your relationship with different brands. Keeping the records of your audience, the brands will have a better idea of your niche and they can easily decide if they want to work with you or not.


There are many kinds of research that identify how often you should be posting on social media websites. As long as Instagram is concerned, experts believe that you should post once a day minimum, but you can also post upwards of 3 three times in a day.

The best time on Instagram to post is 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

The algorithm of Instagram prefers fresh and new content; you definitely do not want your posts to be hidden under a pile of contents by others.

From the above algorithms and timings, you must find what works best for your followers and you. Perhaps your followers like to be spammed with 3 or more than 3 posts in a day, or maybe they like you better when you post content at noon. You can also use Instagram metric tool to get to know the algorithm better. It is not always necessary that the techniques other followers follow would work for you too. You must select what will suit your niche and your work.


 By using Hashtags you make your content more discoverable so always keep in mind that they are so essential for you. Studies show that at least 9 Hashtags are optimal to add in a post to boost engagement.

Always use relevant hashtags with your posts, because no one wants to read about ice-cream when they search for traveling. You can also get ideas or inspiration by typing Hashtag on the Instagram search bar.

Geotagging is the term used when you tag a geographical location to something like a tweet, photo or status. It is very useful because most people share content while on the go so they are constantly traveling all the time, with the help of Geotagging they will be able to tag places of where they go.


After completing the above steps, now I can say that you are officially ready to reach out to different brands. You have already defined your audience and your brand personality, and you have pretty created authentic and quality posts. Now you must have something in your mind like a good idea about the type of business that you would get benefit from, after doing partnership.

It is very crucial to start small, If you want to be sponsored by a skincare product company, do not be silly and directly go to any elite company rather search for new start-ups because they need influencers to promote their brand and you need a brand to get a paid partnership. You must tag different brands in your description and try to engage with the audience by responding to their comments like “how much it costs?” or “where can I get this?”. By doing this, you will attract the brand and they will start thinking about you as a suitable sales partner for their brand.


Your bio is a great chance to signal to different brands that you are interested to become an influencer with the help of their brand. You can also add your website or email address so they can easily reach you, add a press kit if it is possible for you. A press kit is also called “media kit”. It contains information and resources for publishers and reporters. It is one of the best ways to get you recognized in famous brands circle because through press kit they can learn about your work or brand quickly.

If you want to expand your chances you should use your email address and your website to demonstrate your versatility. Try to add a press page to your website so brands can take a better look at the services you provide.


Do not feel hesitate or shy in reaching out to brands by yourself. You should do it; also you should offer your services to them. Because with the right pitch, you might be able to attract some gigs without waiting for other brands.

You should look for brands that invest money and time into their Instagram existence. You can also search for what influencers like you sponsor. Do not be disheartened by small start, because small businesses can help you in building your portfolio.

Now what you need to do is make a list of all those brands that you want to work with, starting with the small ones. Clearly define outlines of who are you, and what are your achievements, also why you are a good fit for their brand, you can add data such as average engagement rate and follower count.

You can also send them DM or Direct messages straight from your Instagram account. It could be useful but could also get lost in piles of messages that your favourite brand receives every day.


You should never compromise while it comes down to your worth. Keep in mind what charges you should take while getting sponsored by any brand. Although the standard charges for industries are $10 for 1,000 followers, you could vary them as you want.

You should not be rigid, always keep a space for negotiation to encourage brands to pay you more. Once you nail down your pricing you will know how to be sponsored in good money. Always remember that when you start to find chances to get sponsored you have to be calm and patient because mostly you do not get offers from a brand overnight. All the successful influencers that you see on Instagram has worked really hard day and night to achieve the spot where they at currently.


Instagram can make fortune for your living, but you also need to use the hacks and tips to make way for yourself in such a crowded place like Instagram, because Instagram has millions of followers all over the world. But that does not mean you cannot make your place, the tricks that I have gathered for you above will be helpful for you to get a paid partnership or to get sponsored by different brands. After growing your presence at Instagram by efforts and smart hacks, you will be able to make money for your living or if you are traveller then you would get paid for traveling to your favourite place. As a food blogger most businesses will also invite you to have brunch or dinner to taste their dishes and post positive reviews about them.

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