Your guide to hurricane emergency plan & property protection

Your guide to hurricane emergency plan & property protection

This hurricane season will be an average one in contrast to last year’s which literally devastated the Gulf Coast; a proposition by scientists at the Colorado State University and NOAA.

But as a powerful known storm already making landfall in Florida, no wonder real estate managers in the Gulf Coast as well as those in the Atlantic started to dust-off their hurricane emergency plan just in case the unexpected does happen.

The moment we receive a warning of approaching storm, it’s obvious to exercise all potential safety measures to keep the staff as well as Dubai property units safe. But, can you guarantee on future generation taking effective steps or even bother looking at the emergency plan essentials?

Whether yours is gated community living or any other type of property, here’s how Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation including Millennials, Generation X and Z, can prepare.

Emergency call to all renters

Before moving to specific population, let’s have a general discussion essential for all residents and their safety in case of a storm threat.

  • Determine when, where and how you can establish contact with emergency service for relevant information
  • Circumstances during which mandatory evacuation order is released and the strategy to get people to safety
  • Participants of the team that’ll help with safety preparation (This is extremely important to ward-off fake artists, violators and burglars in disguise)
  • Schedule to cut off utility supply such as electricity and gas for safety
  • Preparation standards to move furniture, window shutter and execute other necessary practices
  • Determine how to contact staff during an emergency

But, how’d you communicate the right information at the right time that’s about safety of both the buildings and personnel? Remember, no one-size-fits-all and the plan is susceptible to change depending on the severity of storm threat and acceptable communication practices.

Be aware of the residents’ characteristics

Demographic factors are also important and worth considering which includes the resident population. Do your residents include millennials? What language do they speak? Is yours a pet-friendly community? All these and some more demographic factors of the residents would help you in better understanding the essential emergency needs, communication strategy and evacuation practices.

The Silent Generation &Baby Boomers

If your residents aren’t old, it’s likely that they’ll be soon and a recent report suggested that number of older occupants in their 55 grew by approximately 28% between 2009 and 2015 which is the largest of all. This number is expected to reach 12.2 million by 2030. Older occupants of the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers needs more than average attention when it comes to executing storm and hurricane emergency plans so make sure it’s friendly and acceptable for all.

Essential needs of the elderly

When designing the emergency and evacuation plan for the elder residents, bear in mind that they might’ve some movement limitations which makes stairs and other emergency routes more challenging and painful.

Never wait for the storm to be an imminent threat that can disrupt communication as well. Communicate with the residents well ahead of time and make sure their homes are secured, emergency kits ready to deploy and all precautionary measures are being taken. The same goes for the pets.

Older residents are either unable or simply don’t want to engage in the hassle of frequent maintenance of their living space which means these units require advance setup to cope with natural calamity. Essential steps include securing and moving outdoor furniture, plants and installation, write down or print the entire plan, distribute it among the residents and do brief them verbally for better understanding.

In case of mandatory evacuation, always keep in touch with emergency respond units and have their contacts saved; make this a priority. For single residents in a gated community living setting, inform them about emergency shelters in the area and stay updated.

And when the storm approaches, don’t panic but execute the plan in the most professional manner to ensure safety of all; including property units.

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