Best UX Design Trends in 2020

Best UX Design Trends in 2020

UX or User- experience is an essential part of any online platform today. In fact, 52% of users say the main reason why they won’t return to a website is aesthetics. More than 40% of visitors feel annoyed and leave if the website is optimized poorly. So, it is absolutely necessary that you make your UX in a way that offers a great experience.  The entire job of integrating service, design, branding, function, and usability is UX’s main purpose. The job of UX is simple, make everything function together in harmony to offer a better experience. With each passing year, the UX trend is evolving to offer more to the end-users. Best website designing and development companies in Delhi always tries to develop websites with the new trends and they always select the UX designs out of the box.

Now let’s find below the UX designing trends of 2020. Make them work in your modernization drive, and build new standards.

Personalized design: No matter which business domain you serve in, the competition is sky high and the users have choices to pick the one which is best for their needs. With the steady growth of AI and Machine learning technology, business is concentrating on offering a tailored experience to the customers. Personalized UX is one of the dominant trends in 2019 and it will stay like this for the upcoming future as well. According to studies, 92% of online shoppers are influenced by personalized recommendations. 85% of users buy the product if the home page is tailored according to the customer’s needs. So if you haven’t invested in AI or ML to push curated content, it is time you take a look.

Storytelling: In the digital age, good UX design should not be counted as a bonus to your users it should be there as complementary because the customer expects it. Ask any website development company and they will agree on the fact that, storytelling is now the critical aspect of the present UX trend. Most famous and fortune 500 businesses are making use of storytelling to create a more dynamic user experience. It is an exceptional tool to communicate, understand and at the same time, it does add a human gesture to overall UX design.

Content-focused user-experience: If you have been in contact with the digital marketing space, you will most probable heard the phrase that “The content is king” and ” The design is queen”. However, it has been observed throughout the years that, whomsoever has possessed the blend of both, they did perform great. So, the trend is set to combine the best content and design aspects to offer the best user experience.

Do you know the attention span of an average user? It ranges between 8 to 12 seconds. However, if your website doesn’t have anything to catch users’ attention within 10 seconds, they will never come back and according to Google if your website does not have engaging content and the user is spending less time on your website that will impact bad and the bounce rate would be high So, taking care of content and design must be kept on your priority list for 2020.

Motion Design:  Modern browser is fast, more efficient, powerful and wants immediate gratification. Take this opportunity and apply motion design to make your online application more appealing. With the implication of animation and intelligent visual effects, motion design can breathe life into your digital interface. From spinning graphics as a page load or bouncing logo, there is an ocean of ideas one can use to add spright to a website with motion icons. This style is simply not about making your platform look modern and beautiful; it is also about building a meaningful and engaging user experience.

Without any doubt, 2020 is going to bring the User Experience to the next level with the help of continually evolving technologies. If you are not ready to implement these trends you will lose a lot. So, to make sure your business survives in the fiercely competitive business environment, talk to a UX expert today. Contact Unicode Solutions if you want to know Website design and development cost.

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