Must-Visit Restaurants in Paris

Must-Visit Restaurants in Paris

Paris positions as number one top destination in the world and you can explore innumerable tourist attractions here. You can discover from its shops to its exceptional museums to its stunning monuments, although Paris is also known as City of Love and renowned for its fantastic piece of your heart every time you reach your destination. 

However, the above mentioned are all enticing, next to great reason is the wonderful and scrumptious food offered. Moreover, although you’ve most likely heard a few ideas from your buddies and friends, it is quite tough to know if their savours will support yours. Let’s know the top-rated restaurants in Paris city. You can get great discount on hotel booking online using makemytrip offer.

Dragons Elysées

Restaurant Available Thai, Chinese Cuisines 

Dragons Elysées is an exquisite restaurant to visit. If you’re looking for a distinctive food experience in Paris then you can come to this beautiful restaurant. It is built with a floor designed from glass, underneath and there is an aquarium that is packed with fish and a turtle, the restaurant has a great sub aqua setting. However, Dragons Elysées serves Chinese and Thai cuisines, and find exclusive seafood and meat. You can enjoy here strong devours of the spicy regal shrimp dish, and choose a less spicy food, and don’t forget to try deep-fried shrimp cake.

Guy Savoy

Restaurant Available French Cuisines 

The Guy Savoy is situated on the Left Bank of the River Seine. This wonderful restaurant has a little expensive food and serves lip-smacking foods and comprises dishes such as foie gras, lobster and oysters.

The Zerda Café

Restaurant Available North African Cuisines

The Zerda Café was one of the earliest Algerian restaurants located in Paris. The restaurant is full of affluent history and bona fide North African food. This eatery place has two branches and offers luscious foods. The beautiful interior is covered with Algerian background; so, you can enjoy a spicy bowl of chicken tagine or couscous with lamb and merguez at a cost-effective price.

ASPIC Restaurant

Restaurant Available French Cuisines

ASPIC is the cooking enterprise of brilliant chef Quentin Giroud. Here you can see only a few tables in the pleasant bistro, this eatery offers a permanent seven-course menu that comes with specially selected, fresh local constituents that are flawlessly made for an exclusive cuisine and dining experience. The place is quite welcoming and comfortable, as this place allows you to watch from the ease of your chair as the cooks whisk you up a delicacy.

Massawa, Paris

Restaurant Available Eritrean Cuisines

This elite restaurant offers traditional Eritrean dish that goes well with both meat-eaters and vegans, Massawa is a well-known restaurant situated in the 14th arrondissement. This bistro offers heavy plates with cuisines such as injera and zesty lamb, the plain however friendly place exerts a pull on locals and tourists similarly.

La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant

Restaurant Available French Cuisines

Get a great pleasure of dining in La Nouvelle Seine restaurant in Paris. Although this amazing-restaurant is recognized for its delicious seafood which includes roasted king prawns, and fresh salmon decorated with mango and chives. This place offers a unique scene of the city, and there’s also wide-ranging programme organized of theatre, and such are comedy to show, to keep you amused.

Dans le Noir? 

Restaurant Available French Cuisines

The freshness of a dining experience without a doubt is incredible and Dans le Noir is an example for it. The dining experience is amazing and it was formed in 2004. However, the concept of this restaurant is designed to take care of the visitors and offer outstanding luscious dishes and here you will feel very relax and comfortable. Now you have a great opportunity to visit this wonderful restaurant and sit on a magnificent ambience in this restaurant in Paris as well as take pleasure of mouth-watering and tangy cuisines. You can see latest result from fresh hiring.

Hugo and Co

Restaurant Available French, European Cuisines

This Hugo and Co restaurant is situated in the Latin Quarter, Hugo and Co is a miniature, affectionate restaurant that has set with a limited menu of scrumptious dishes which include as pungent pancakes and gorgonzola and mascarpone cheese crostini with pear and walnuts. This eatery is positioned in the 5th arrondissement; the place also offers to non-meat eaters with its vegan and vegetarian cuisines. This eatery place is located in a dazzling setting; the restaurant is embellished in simple colours with abundant plants and wine bottles on shelves.

Auto Passion Café, Paris

Restaurant Available French Cuisines

If you want to get an unmatched dining experience, then Auto Passion Café located in the 14th arrondissement is the right place for you. This restaurant offers luscious and appetizing breakfast, lunch and dinner in a place that is beautifully crafted with vehicle memorabilia, with all information taking you to a vehicle racing planet. You can enjoy seating on the car seats or by the bar and take pleasure in dishes such as green curry with butternut, or lentils and smoked salmon.

These are all must-visit restaurants in Paris, enjoy it.

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